Hello, we are Mycoplast. This is a blog website that aims to further investigate the development of bioplastics. Plastics are everywhere in the world as we know it. We all grew up with plastics. Plastics seemed to be a great resource for a wide range of products, especially packaging. Unfortunately, as we discovered, the durability of plastics also means they don’t degrade. All around our planet, our natural environment has been p0luted by plastics.

The importance of bioplastics

Bioplastics might be a solution to produce a plastic with the same qualities, but a plastic that does degrade eventually. It fits in a sustainable lifestyle, a sustainable home and a sustainable world.

Bioplastics can be made out of different resources, like potatoes , vegetables, but also from fungi.

We believe that bioplastics are important. Bioplastics are the next step towards a more sustainable world, in which we limit the destructive force on nature. Could bioplastics be a new solution?

Blogs on bioplastics

This blog website aims to further explore the research to bioplastics and the implementation of bioplastics in industries. We believe that bioplastics are the next big step that human kind has to take. Therefor we want to support this movement, with expert blogs, information and news on developments within the industries.

Mycoplast.com is only a key in the chain of making a difference. We want to save our environment, but we need to do it together. Every person can make its own decision, and can drive change. Together we can do it. But we need to love ourselves and our planet first. Then we can make a difference. Small changes can have a big effect. But let’s look ahead, towards the future. What will our planet look like? How can we preserve our planet and natural beauty?

Feel free to read the blogs from our experts, but also feel free to contribute by sending in your blog post.