MOGU believes that naturally grown-materials can provide a sustainable alternative to traditional 
synthetic materials derived from the exploitation of fossil fuels and finite resources.

MOGU is developing and promoting its technology, by implementing the root structures of mushrooms
- the mycelium - to transform and to bind agricultural by-products into strong functional composites, 100% compostable.

MOGU is also developing thin materials exclusively consisting of fungal mycelium, as alternative to traditional leather, textiles, rubbers, etc. 

Following the principles of “Circular Economy”, MOGU is researching, identifying and marketing the best industrial and commercial
technologies for the production of mycelium-based bio-materials, to be implemented in multiple industries and markets.


The MOGU team is composed by numerous partners and by a prestigious advisory board.
Thanks to the quick progresses and to the numerous requests, the team is rapidly expanding, currently welcoming 
3D-designers, 3D-printing and modelling engineers, biologists, bio-technologists, as well as business-development managers. 

Maurizio Montalti
Partner and R&D Director

Maurizio Montalti is a designer, engineer and creative entrepreneur with 5+ years’ experience with production of mycelium materials. Maurizio’s practice, Officina Corpuscoli (founded in 2010 and based in Amsterdam), operates as a trans-disciplinary studio, mainly focused on researching and designing mycelium products. The studio’s work has been honoured multiple awards and it has been widely shown in various international museums, exhibitions and festivals.

Stefano Babbini
Partner and CEO

Stefano Babbini has been active in biomass supply chain management and bioenergy sector since 2005. Graduated in Florence in Environmental Engineering, he contributed to start-up and ramp-up phase of significant initiatives in EU and Developing Countries. Today he is Biomass Project Manager in Futuris Spa and Technical Director of Smart Oil Ltd, a Ghanian Company producing sustainable feedstock of multiple bio-chemical products.

Federico Maria Grati
Partner and Business Developer

Federico Maria Grati is an environmental engineer with 10+ years’ experience in the bio-energy and bio-material sector. Founder of various innovative start-ups, he has been honoured with BEST Fulbright scholarship and GSBI in 2011. After a career in bio based industry for the development of cellulosic ethanol projects, today he works as general manager in a Ferrero Group subsidiary, managing a staff of 250 heads.

Francesco Amadio
Partner and Environmental Specialist

Francesco Amadio is an environmental engineer operating in energy efficiency and renewable energies since 2005. With a Master in Management for Sustainable Energy he accumulated a great experience in the sustainable industry; he is responsible of all issue related to material and product certification, and also involved in the MOGU production process scalability.

Francesco Giannetti
Partner and Product Designer

Francesco Giannetti is an architect and industrial designer active in Florence area, with a precious experience in furniture and interior design. He has been collaborating with few prestigious architect project studio in Florence, with responsibilities in Italy and abroad. Francesco is supporting MOGU contributing with his talent in product design.

Natalia Piatti
Communication Responsible

Natalia Piatti, after her graduation in History in the University of Milan in 2009, has been working with cooperation institutions, joining international projects (Burkina Faso). In 2011 she joint ISPI, taking care of the partnerships in few EU projects; in 2012 she moved to the events organisation branch of the Institute, and she has been involved in the organisation of many prestigious conferences.