MOGU is the name of a project and a tangible proof of Circular Economy.

MOGU is a start-up initiative created by Mycoplast, aiming to research, develop and commercialise a wide variety of bio-materials (e.g. bio-plastics) produced from the combination of mycelium (fungi) and agro-industrial residues (substrates), for the replacement of traditional synthetic matters, such as petroleum-based plastics.

MOGU is a technology that employs the "root structure" of mushrooms - the mycelium - to transform and bind agricultural by-products into strong functional composites, fully natural, 100% compostable and suitable for many diverse applications and markets, including, among others, construction, packaging, nursery and horticulture markets.

MOGU is therefore different materials, with diverse characteristic, starting from customers’ needs.

MOGU palette of products includes light, low density, strong and resistant, shock-absorbing, performative materials.

In MOGU, what used to be regarded as “waste” becomes the input for the generation of innovative processes and valuable, ecologically-responsible resources.




Mogu is composite materials obtained from the combination of two simple, natural elements: fungal mycelium and a cellulosic substrate.


Mycoplast is capable of producing different kind of materials, with different characteristic, starting from and adapting to customers needs.


The materials are 100% natural, without any added chemical or synthetic compounds.


MOGU materials are fully compostable, and at the end of their life cycle they can be returned to the soil, following the principles of Circular Economy.


Items produced with MOGU materials can be light, low density, strong and resistant, and are suitable for absorbing shocks.


MOGU materials can be produced and fine tuned according to clients' needs and to the specific desired applications/products.




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