MOGU is an Industrial project and a tangible proof of Circular Economy.

In MOGU, what used to be regarded as “waste” becomes the input for the generation
of innovative processes and valuable, ecologically-responsible resources.

MOGU is a technology that employs the "root structure" of mushrooms - the mycelium - to transform and bind agricultural by-products into strong functional composites, fully natural, 100% compostable and suitable for many diverse applications and markets, including among
others construction, automotive, packaging, nursery and horticulture markets.

MOGU materials include mycelium-composites as well as "pure mycelium"
materials, the latter exclusively consisting of inert fungal tissue for applications
mostly relating to the fields of fashion and textile.

MOGU is therefore different materials, with diverse characteristic, starting from customers’ needs. MOGU palette of products includes light, low density, strong and resistant,
shock-absorbing, performative materials.

MOGU is a company and technology platform researching the best industrial technologies for the production of bio-materials , while developing and commercialising a wide variety of natural products deriving from the growth of selected fungal mycelia on solid and liquid agro-industrial residues (cellulosic substrates), for the creation of alternatives to
traditional synthetic matters, such as for instance petroleum-based plastics.

At the end of their life cycle, MOGU materials and products can be returned
to the soil, turning into nutrients for the growth of new life.



MOGU is materials obtained from the combination of two simple, natural elements: fungal mycelium and a cellulosic substrate.


MOGU is capable of producing different kind of engineered materials, with different qualities, starting from and adapting to customers needs.


MOGU materials can be 100% natural, without any added chemical or synthetic compounds.


MOGU materials are fully compostable and at the end of their life cycle they can be returned to the ecosystem, following the principles of Circular Economy.


Items produced with MOGU materials can be light, low density, strong and resistant, and highly performative according to the applications they're developed for.


MOGU materials are grown in a rather short time with no use of agricultural land and their production process requires minimal amounts of energy inputs, making them a highly competitive alternative to traditional impactful products.



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